Vibration Plate Buying Guide

One size fit's all is definitely not the solution as far as vibration plates are concerned. Principally it is because the vibration plate finds its application in many fields besides the weight reduction equipment. It has found a good place in the medical and sport's sector. There are many studies in the pipeline that is been conducted to test the effectiveness of vibration plates and how to evolve an improved future model. Eventually, many would jump on the bandwagon and buy a model and later lament about the usability. Hence it is ideal to understand the aspects that ought to be considered prior to purchasing the right power plate vibration. The parameters are briefed below,

Physical aspects of the user

The vibration machine is a mechanical type and hence the stature of an individual plays a vital role in deciding the purchase. In all the machines, the maximum load is mentioned in the specification table. This parameter must not be ignored. It is because the equipment is constructed and is supported by bolsters and springs. In some cases, it is supported on air bladder system. In either case, the accessories lifespan is proportional to the weight placed on the vibration plate. As weight increases, more pressure is exerted on the bolsters and springs. As a result, the sinking effect of the plate vibration can even more reduce the intensity and amplitude. Hence the effect produced on a vibration power plate with a specified weight limit would not meet the purpose for someone beyond that weight range. Besides this, the motor efficiency has higher chances of wear and tear in such cases. Therefore, it is highly beneficial to purchase the apt power plate vibration that falls within the user's weight range.

User's height can influence the flexibility of doing exercise on the vibration plate. It is because; the vibration training requires the user to do some push-ups, squat, and other varieties of exercises on it. This is by far the most appropriate approach to seize the maximum out of vibration machine. Under such circumstances, the length of the vibration plate is important to get the right posture at ease. Despite the claims made by many users who are satisfied with the plate vibration's length as opposed to their height, they would be able to only perform close squats and push-ups. If the customer is contended with the style, it is of no big concern, but on the other hand, any exercise performed comfortably can induce a good overall feeling rather than doing in a congested manner. Therefore to conclude, the dimensions of the vibration plate with the respect to the user's height comparison can give results in a smooth manner and a pleasant experience is attained in using the plate.

Many users decline the idea of purchasing a wide vibration plate imagining that it would be of no use. But it is important to understand the endless possibility of exercising on the vibration plate. Though in the initial days the routine would be to stand upright on the vibration plate, but as days move, the user will be equipped with flexibility to perform a variety of exercise. The amazing concept of plate vibration training is the ability to stretch the limits of the user. To summarize, the size of the vibration plate must match to the requirements.

Since it is unimaginable to try all the vibration plates, it is logical to draw the measurements of the interested plate on the floor. One can try the push-ups or lunges and can notice the ease at which it can be performed within the drawn space. Factors such as positioning and comfort level can give an idea about the actual performance. Such an approach will largely minimize the ambiguities in buying the plate vibration and a right one can be purchased.

Motor Size

The motor size is the critical component of the plate vibration. Normally the motor size is expressed in either watts or horsepower. Some manufacturer's employ two motor system depending on the end usage, such as personal or salon use. In addition to this, the value of the horse power or watts directly indicates the capacity of the vibration plate to handle weights. Higher the value better is the performance with respect to amplitude, even if it is used by heavier users. Some of the heavier motors deliver good result in a much quieter manner. The noise level would also be lower in this case. The present motor size ranges from 120 to 900 W.


Amplitude expressed in vibration power plate is the measure of the distance traveled from the lowest point to the highest point within one vibration. Take for an example; if it is mentioned as 4mm in the specification table, then it refers to the total distance in one vibration. Generally, higher the amplitude the work-out intensity would be effective. A few higher end models are designed to alter the amplitude range. Such a liberty brings a good variation within the power vibration plate.


The frequency of the power plate vibration indicates the speed of the vibration and is expressed in impulse per second. The frequency is expressed in hertz, and for an example if it is stated as 30 hertz, the machine can move 30 times in a second. It is sometimes expressed in RPM. To compare with other models the RPM number can be divided by 60 to convert to hertz.

Even though higher frequency range yields an intense exercise opportunity, it has to be used wisely. It is because the force applied on the bones and muscles are higher and a higher frequency range is not recommended for users who are working for rehabilitation purpose after injuries. A range of frequency is provided in most of the plate vibration, and is advisable to start with the lowest level. As days proceed further, one can increment the frequency range.

Finally to summarise, parameters such as pre-set programmes, warranty can also be checked. The pre-set programmes assist the user to enhance the usage level and facilitate a good experience. The warranty period if exceeds 12 months is highly beneficial, provided the plate vibration ought to be used for the environment as specified by the manufacturer.